[Feature Request] Additional functionalities in the Watchlist section of Kite

At present, the Kite app and website gives us 7 pre-created and empty watchlists.

To reduce clutter in the Watchlists section can we have the following functionalities:

  1. Instead of the 7 pre-created watchlists, can we have only one watchlist by default after which a β€œ+” icon appears using which the user can add additional Watchlists ? (Screenshot 2)

  2. An option to delete the entire Watchlist(s). (Presently we only have the option to delete stocks inside the Watchlist and the empty watchlist remains after deleting everything inside)

  3. An option to let the user change the order of Watchlists. This is useful in a scenario where suppose Watchlist 1,2 and 3 have data but after emptying Watchlist 2, this empty Watchlist still appears in the middle of Watchlist 1 and 3. (Screenshot attached for this particular issue)

@nithin @Bhuvan @ShubhS9 @siva


Yes, this a great idea!

one more thing will be really useful to fetch all stocks of an index automatically, this feature is available in Fyers and comes handy while focusing on specific sector


That’s great WL Can b also provided upto 10 after that clicking on + will add more. If any sector focus will be addl advantage. For pinning currently only bank nifty & nifty are pinned on top if want to pin sensex after some time it gets resettled automatically there shud b more option to pin other nifty indexes

Wonderful and I feel all 3 points to be valid to be considered.

All these requests have workarounds.

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100% fully agreed

Same way, User should get a fresh position page always and hide, instead mixing all the positions. Just to start a fresh page again. Just + button always to generate a page, as many as user wants

Add segment in position window

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@nithin Can you please have a look at this thread ?

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This we have added on our list of things to do. @Arockiya_Raja can update once we are ready. We are checking on points 1 and 2.

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