Feature request- Coin

Hello @nithin @siva @Bhuvan,

Can you please add this feature in redeem option in Coin. It should show how many units are under long term capital gain /Short term capital gain.Right now it shows only total number of available units and we have to manually calculate the LTCG units by the seeing the number of days each transaction has crossed . ICICI and a number of other platforms provide this feature already. This one may not be on your top priority list ,but please do consider it in your backlog.




Looking into this.

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All mutual funds will soon be powered by console (our new reporting tool). It comes with the breakdown with dates/time feature.


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Thanks @nithin. I hope it does provide this feature of redeeming all available ltcg units until that time without we giving it explicitly

Of course, it is always first in first out. So oldest has to always be considered as the first exited.

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Like we have alerts for stocks involving LTP, is it possible to have alerts for MF as well based on the age ?

Let’s say that if the MF reaches 365 days, send a notification regarding the same, similar to that of Kite(stocks).