Feature Request - Filter & Group Holdings in Kite

I have been using Kite (web) since 2017 but I badly need a feature to filter and group my holdings. The reason is my different holdings are for different purpose and time-horizons.

I know there’s a tag feature that is not helpful as it is a part of Console not Kite platform where I can see realtime changes during the market hours.

It would be great if Zerodha provides a way to group holdings in a tabbed UI. Maybe we can have a default tab that lists “All” holdings and then user should be able to create a new tab and add holding stocks/securities that he/she wants to track under that tab.

I see similar threads on different forums where people wish to have identical feature - Ref. Reddit - Dive into anything.


Hi @ManadayM

You can view the live ticks on console as well.

This is on our to-do list. Thanks for the valuable feedback :slight_smile: Will keep you updated on this.

Thank you for your reply @Meher_Smaran.

Noted, but still that’s less useful as people won’t be able trade from Console. Hope you’re getting my point.

Great, many thanks. Hope to see it in reality. :slight_smile: