Feature Request: GUI Order Adjustment

One cool feature which I found in another broker is the pending orders shows up on the respective scrips like annotations at the Orders price levels, you can drag and adjust the order like a slider. This is a cool feature considering your price level is readjusted to a Marubuzo high or a pinbar high, while your trade is on.

The other broker platform is not light weight like zerodha html5 clean interface and also sluggish so the feature doesn’t stand out.

I’m stating some fine tunings for @nithin and team to review

  • Slider Based order adjustment
  • Ability to group/ungroup orders on a particular scrip, lets say I have two bracket orders executed at differnt price levels now the SL are SL1, SL2, If I could group SL1 and SL2, either I can drag them relatively and readjust both their positions Or update absolute levels which will update both the orders say I want to make SL1 and SL2 and update both of them to an absolute value(trigger price)
  • Show Hide feature which toggles pending order display on the scrips to keep the Kite interface clean

Can you name that broker, will check it, if possible we will also try to add it.

Upstox (Web)