Feature request- online nomation

Hi @nithin

You’ve simplified account opening and trading a lot by moving everything online but why can’t we register a nominee online?

Like we use digio for e-sign while account opening can’t we do for nominee or fill a form and upload scanned copy of the same?

Is there something related to it in the pipeline?

@siva @Bhuvan

I had discussed the same with @lindo on another thread that for the most commonly asked change requests, the SOPs should be redesigned with online and zero paperwork.

Apart from contributing to helping people stay at home and safe, more so in such times, it would save time too.

One more point that I missed earlier is that most of us don’t have a printer at home. So even to take printouts one has to go out looking. I myself faced this situation a few days back because only essential shops are open in Maharashtra. Furthermore, if one needs to dispatch the hard copies to Zerodha HQ, either he would go to post office or a courier shop which is unsafe these days. All this pain could be avoided with complete online process.

Exactly cannot go out to post office, I’m from Maharashtra too.

As for the printing part, here’s what I do, use online pdf editor like sejda, small pdf, etc. They allow you to fill details like you would in a form and sign by uploading photo of your signature.

It works pretty well.

Yes, I also do the same. I have a transparent PNG of my signature. I add it to PDFs and email if needs to be submitted online. Issue arises when specifically hard copies have to be submitted. Recently, to get my DIS booklet I had e-signed the PDF with Digio Aadhaar kyc and raised a ticket on zerodha support and submitted it there instead of sending hard copy to Zerodha HQ. Saves a lot of time.

So, is there any provision to do the same for nomination form?