Feature Request - segregate holdings into various portfolios

Can Zerodha build a feature such that we can segregate holdings across different portfolios in scrip names and also quantity.

Long Term portfolio will have
Infosys - Qty 100
Nestle - Qty 10

Short term portfolio
Infosys - Qty 50
Airtel - Qty 10

Basically Totally Infosys I have 150. So I can divide that as per my wish.
disclaimer: name of the portfolio or scrips name is just for example. and not a buy/sell recommendations.

Yes, we are working on this, should come soon on console.

console means also kite web?

No, in our back office.

I would wish to see in kite web. Real time.
Currently I run Long term and short term strategy. I sometime have same stocks in both the strategy. currently kite web shows total quantity and not segregated quantity. Find it tough and have to maintain my portfolio somewhere else - yahoo finance. Entry exit is so tough there.
I wish Zerodha provide a feature that I can just allocate my holdings to different portfolios.

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Yes, i too agree. This feature is very important. the way we have watchlist with tabs we shall have similar tab for portfolio. This would help to segegrate the stocks in the respective buckets like Long Term, Short Term , Recommended by X etc…