Feature request: show Trade VALUE in Trade Book

Just started using Zerodha. I’m using Kite on Win 10 Chrome, but looks like same issue in Kite Android App as well. So far I only did CNC (delivery) trades, but same will be required in other types of trades as well.

In the order book / trade book, it shows the price and qty, but not the value. Worse: when I click on the trade, even in the popup it doesn’t show the trade value.

Why can’t I just calculate it you ask? Well, for large orders, there are 8-9 executed trades per order, at different rates. I can’t do this instantly. I have to open a calculator or spreadsheet. Secondly, if I have multiple positions. I’m selling different shares and need to buy new shares with the proceeds (whatever is executed). I need to know the executed amount upfront so I can trade quickly in multiple positions.

This messed up my trading today as I had so many orders open simultaneously and wasted a lot of time calculating totals. If there is some setting for this, or I’m missing something, please let me know.

Otherwise this is a major annoyance, and I’m surprised such a basic thing was not implemented.

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Another 3 trading days and Zerodha is unusable due to lack of this simple feature.

I have many trades (often delivery trades) and ‘switch’ so I need to see the trade value so I can buy same value worth instantly. If there are 16 open orders in last 8 mins of market, I can’t use Zerodha anymore because it doesn’t show trade value.

@nithin any help?

Hi @saiu

Sorry for missing to update here. I’ve already shared your feedback with the team. Will get back to you on this.

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