Feature request Tags visible in Kite & console

This is a Feature request . I want Tags used in console are visible in Kite also so we can take quick sell or Invest more Decisions . If any one want same feature please add your comments .
Zerodha may consider this tiny but highly usable feature when there is a good demand for this feature , Hope You will add your comments and support me .

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What I want is this

Kite ( I need same Tags in Kite also but currently its not visible in the holding page)

So I can add more in Good stocks , Buying the dip for average stocks and so on .
Please note : Good ,avg etc is my Point view for my investment not a financial advise for others so please don’t copy or influenced by this .

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Zerodha might be working on it already.
I suggested the same a few weeks ago, and they said they’re working on it.

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