Feature Request - Verified P&L - Time Range option of "Current FY"

Verified P&L is extremely useful and handy feature even for common investor/traders like me who would like to quickly glance his P&L on daily or weekly basis. I don’t have to frequently login and navigate to the console to view my trading activity. Super cool so far. Thank you for such a great feature.

It would be great if you provide one more time range option “Current FY” (Financial Year) for the verified P&L. The P&L output of that timeframe is more meaningful for common folks like me instead last 30, 60, or 360 days. Just one more time range option of “Current FY” that’s all I am asking. :sweat_smile:

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 19.39.42

Hope it makes sense.

Hi @ManadayM

This was discussed here. Would request you to check this thread out on Verified P&L

Thanks @Meher_Smaran. Good to see other folks also need a similar feature.

This thread is dedicated to this specific feature so would appreciate your update here.

Also, is there any public feature roadmap where we can vote for publicly requested features?

You can share the feature request here on TradingQnA and the team will definitely check the feasibilities and keep you posted :slight_smile:

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