Feature request: XIRR

Can we calculate and show the XIRR of the user’s portfolio in Console for the following bands:

  1. Combined Mutual Funds XIRR (individual we already show, but a combined metric will also be helpful)
  2. Combined Direct Stocks/ETFs XIRR (excluding SGB units, corporate bond, debenture bond units in holdings)
  3. XIRR or some metrics for Gold (like SGB, not according to the LTP in the secondary market, but the gold prices in the primary market)
  4. And an overall complete portfolio XIRR

if these can be calculated theoretically, then it would be nice to see them on Console.

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Ankit, we’re working on showing XIRR on Console. Will keep you posted.


This is a much needed feature. Please prioritise. Thanks.

@ShubhS9 how long will you be working on this?

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Hi Pls update when this feature is going to come. XIRR is a very basic data to be present in a portfolio. While you have XIRR in Coin, why we dont have for stocks / ETFs!

Also I have another request related for portfolio. While you have feature in to show the stock break up in MF investments, same is required for ETFs as well.

@ShubhS9 Can you pls update on my above 2 query

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Hi Vinoth, missed this. Apologies for the delayed response. We’re working on making XIRR available on Console. This has taken time due to some complexities involved with edge cases. For now, you can check this article to know how to calculate XIRR/CAGR: Does Zerodha display XIRR and CAGR for equity investments?

@TheGouda can you?

I mean this option. Console allows to show break up of stock held in mutual fund but it does not split stocks within nifty bees or any ETF

Also it categorizes ETFs as mid cap / small cap irrespective of the underlying within the ETF

@ShubhS9 XIRR is one of the most basic functions in finance. I’m surprised what kind of edge cases is keeping Zerodha to not provide this useful feature. It’s been 10 years!

Is this feature ever going to come ? I think users have been requesting it ever since zerodha’s inception yet we don’t see it happening

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