Feedback regarding idfc zerodha 3 in 1 account

If anyone here has idfc zerodha 3 in 1 account can you clarify the following:

  1. Does it solve the problem of quarterly settlement? that is, is money instantly available for transfer without upper limit when quarterly settlement takes place?

  2. How safe do you feel with your money in idfc first bank as compared to other big banks like HDFC icici sbi? Will you trust them with huge capital?

I will not trust any bank in India with huge capital. :rofl:

  1. You get a new option called One click (as per below pic) so that you can add funds (of any value) instantly to trading account from IDFC bank. Any way this transfer process has to be done manually only after settlement is credited to bank account.

  2. Any bank is risky if you think it is risky!

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