Feedback required on paper trading in Sensibull

Hi all.

I know that paper trading feature has been released on sensibull on 25.02.2019. I was not able to check it out as it was paid feature and you have to subscribe to Lite plan at an amount of 800/- per month.

I had done options trading in the past and made some losses after which i had stopped trading options. I understood that for trading options your view should be correct in multiple things like direction, time, volatility etc. After introduction of Sensibull I was reconsidering my decision and want to enter in to options trading before which i want to paper trade for 2-3 months.

I request any one who is using the paper trade feature in sensibull to please give feed back on the below points.

  1. Whether live date feed will be available for paper trading like it was there in NSE paathsala?

  2. Whether we can paper trade on any stock or only limited scripts are available?

  3. Whether fixed amount of virtual capital will be issued to each person at the starting with which we can paper trade?

Any feedback on above will be helpful please.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: @Sensibull It will be very helpful for retail traders like me if you can allow paper trading free trail for one or two weeks before subscribing.

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1 Minute delayed feed

Any F&O Instrument

We will take this up next. Now it is unlimited capital

Thank you :slight_smile:

There is a one week trial by default. Can you please shoot a mail to help at sensibull dot com?

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Thanks for the reply. Not able to find the free trail option. Sent you an email regarding this please.

NRI client can able to use the Paper trading option?

Yes you can