Feeding the machine? 44,787 Crores lost by individual traders in FY22

Are we all just here to feed the machine? The broker, exchange & government are always blamed for the added burden on traders, for the huge brokerage, high transaction charges and heavy taxation. I just wanted to add some perspective to this by doing some simple math on the sebi report released a while ago.

in FY22

Total charges paid (brokerage, clearing fee, exchange fee, turnover fee, stt, gst) : 8,337 Crores

yes, that’s a huge number but let’s take a look at the loss figures.

Total number of active traders: 45,24,841
loss makers - 89%
average loss with charges: -1,11,216
total loss: -447878897824 (44,787 crores!)


Yet those 90% of traders will come in here and claim they are profitable.

eh, is that a shot at me? :sweat_smile:

No dear, you are in the other 10%. :grinning:

That’s why I chose to be a short term investor instead of trader.
न रहेगा बांस न बजेगी बांसुरी

90 percent of them won’t come here.

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See how the 11% got the wealth from the 89% people by playing it smart !

Everybody thinks they are one of those top 11%

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Ha, yes - this isn’t the place ….