Few doubts about health insurance

I wanted to clear some doubts I had about health insurance. I’ve never taken one and want to.

  1. Imagine I pay around 25k premium for this year. During this year, I’ve successfully claimed bills and treatments worth 75k-1L due to unforeseen medical issues. And this happens for 1 or 2 years. The next year, since they have made a loss on me for 2 years, when renewing, will the insurance just hike the premium to whatever it feels is necessary is to cover my costs like 75k-80k? Or do I get a lock-in of premiums like term insurance.

  2. Can I stick with 1 provider and plan forever, or can they just refuse to renew a health insurance the next year? Is it like term insurance (where it is 1 company forever, no cancelling of contracts from their sides unless I lie in the policy). Will I have to switch to a different provider in his case, with different premiums?


They will not give ‘No Claim Bonus’ so only that much amount will increase upon next renewal.Rest everything will be the same.