Few Enhancement in Zerodha

Option Chain :+1:

True, team can work independently on different modules and some new tools can also be built outside kite as well just like technical dashboard etc.


Like @sanjayn says, people require Strategy builder and other features such as virtual trade etc like sensibull.

when a trader wants to execute multi-leg strategy like condors spreads etc which have more than 1 order per strategy it is not convenience to execute every order separately especially in Index when prices move fast, slippage happens. So traders like me have to use sensibull at a cost, It would be best if Zerodha can bring these features at some additional cost (would be glad if free) or provide sensibull subscription at discount.

This is much needed :slight_smile:

@Arockiya_Raja ?

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Hmm… not sure. We haven’t differentiated customers till date.

Everything else you say is on point. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned earlier, stability and reliability is the priority. Adding too many things on Kite and building dependencies is an issue.

But about Sensibull, we have something cooking. :slight_smile: But again, I don’t want to mention what exactly and then be pushed to hurry.


@nithin can we expect some fixed brokerage plans with zerodha for atleast intraday F&O since it has become daily expiry like kotak doing

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Have answered earlier

Is that why the Annual plans have disappeared :stuck_out_tongue:
I had Q’d two though.


Dhan platform seems more stable than zerodha despite of having everything integrated. We are paying brokerage for better stability with essential features Integration.

What to expect from broker who takes 2years in just Trading View chart upgradation. Your team is saying coming soon since 2022. This sums up about your technical team.

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Same Thoughts of mine.

TFC (Trade From Chart) feature is in the testing phase. I’ll share more updates soon. This is the last major feature that was pending.


Please also add an option to add and move stop loss and take profits from the chart only without opening the modify order dialogue box :slight_smile:

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Added this article Why is “Risk disclosures on derivatives” displayed on every login?


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Please get in touch with Sensibull support. They will assist you.

Instead of asking a CEO for a refund query :slightly_smiling_face: you can contact Sensibull. Saying this because sensibull already started processing the refunds.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/abidsensibull/status/1683453446349807616

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hehe… done already.