Few stocks not trading @ zerodha

y few stocks are not trading at zerodha while trading on other broker’s platform.

e.g. amtekauto not trading on zerodha since last few days, but same stock trading is possible on iifl. dont know y… checked with NSE & BSE.

there are few other stocks with same issue on zerodha. thought that trading might have been suspended on that stock on that day, but how come it is suspended on zerodha and not on other broker’s platform.

does any one have any idea.

Hmm… not possible that you can’t trade with us and can with others. Stocks sometimes move to BE category where exchanges don’t allow intraday trades. When it does, you have to add that scrip separately to the marketwatch. Check this on more about BE.


Yes and it is true. Similar problem was faced by me in SKM egg products and I was wondering what happened. But when I selected SKM egg-BE product it was allowing for trade. Likewise some stocks are changed category and hence one has to appropriately select the stock in market watch.


thanks for valuable guidance. one more thing, when i get shares credited to my demat account, while selling can i sell in any categories
e.g. i bought shares in nse… after crediting it in demat, can i sell it in nse-be, bse, bse-be categories… which ever is trading.

You have to sell it where stock is currently trading. Most of the times it is the normal EQ category. If you don’t see it active in that category, then search for BE

Some stocks are not listed in zerodha for e.g. Amtek Auto does not show any thing. Who’s is this So???

Dear Sir,
Please refer to the attached file. In my marketwatch, there are some scrips whose prices are not seen, I can’t see their market depth too. However, the chart for the same can be seen. Why is this issue being encountered? For your reference, the scrips here are ESL and JAYNECOIND, both in NSE. If I select the same in BSE, they are proper. However, I want to trade under NSE. Please confirm.


Both these stocks are trading in BE category. So you need to add ESL-BE and JAYNECOIND-BE to your marketwatch. You can check out the category a stock is trading on nseindia.com.

To know more about stock categories check this post