What is - BE?


when i search ticker symbol KEC in kite, i get two options in drop down for same company (KEC INTL).



Are they both same? and what KEC - BE stands for?


The series for each scrip is decided by the Exchange. A scrip cannot be under 2 series' on the same trading day.

Each series indicates the nature of the stock.


  • EQ - Equity Shares Regular, Rolling Settlement, Intraday allowed
  • BE - Equity Shares excluded from EQ series and traded as Trade for Trade settlement, No intraday allowed, only delivery trades to take place
  • BT - Limited Physical Market, physical shares < 500, Odd lot market, for securities which are compulsorily to be dematerialized, Trade for Trade Settlement
  • BL - Block Trading, Trading of EQ series shares in large quanity, min 5 lakh shares or min 5 crore rupees
  • IL - Inter Foreign Institutional Investors (inter FII) meant for only securities in which maximum FII ceiling limit is reached, limit usually ranges from 18% to 28%, Rolling Settlement, pre arranged buyer and seller
  • IQ - Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFI) meant only for securities which are in caution list of foreign investment where FII limit > 8% of equity capital and upto the ceiling limit, Rolling Settlement, pre arranged buyer and seller
  • MF - Mutual Funds which are listed in the exchange
  • DR - Indian Depository Receipts, Rolling Settlement
  • DE - Indian Depository Receipts, Trade for Trade Settlement
  • ME, DL, DT, BZ, IT -
  • [email protected] - Partly paid equity shares, Rolling Settlement
  • [email protected] - Partly paid equity shares, Trade for Settlement
  • [email protected] - Non convertible preference shares, Rolling Settlement
  • [email protected] - Non convertible preference shares, Trade for Trade Settlement
  • [email protected] - Fully convertible preference shares, Rolling Settlement
  • [email protected] - Fully convertible preference shares, Trade for Trade Settlement
  • [email protected], [email protected] - Non convertible debt instruments, Rolling settlement
  • [email protected], [email protected] - Non convertible debt instruments, Trade for Trade settlement
  • [email protected] - Fully convertible debt instruments, Rolling Settlement
  • [email protected] - Fully convertible debt instruments, Trade for Trade Settlement
  • [email protected] - Convertible warrants, Rolling settlement
  • [email protected] - Convertible warrants, Trade for Trade settlement

H1~N1: Corporate Bonds

Note: @ signifies character 1-9 or A-Z, except the existing Series Codes


How to buy shares trading in BE series ? Is it possible ?

Yes, you can trade BE category shares. On Kite, you have to first add the BE category stock to your watchlist. To do this, you have to type the ‘stock name + BE’ in the search bar.
For ex, AutoInd is currently trading in the BE category. To add this scrip on watchlist Kite, you’ll have to type ‘Autoind BE’ and add it.

Please note that BE category shares are compulsory delivery shares. Intraday and BTST trades are not allowed in this category.

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Hi bharath,

I purchased urja global, which is trading under bse but it was converted to urja-be under nse. Why it converted from bse to nse. Could you please explain and will those converted back to normal eq series? Due to this convertion the share price has reduced where the bse eq stock is costing more than nse be series and finally i ended up with loss. Can we sell this converted be series shares on eq series(as this is just selling nse stock on nse) ?

  1. There are many more options which open through drop down list in NSE NOW software like ZA, ZB, ZK etc. What is this ?
  2. How can I view Bhav Copy of such discrete trading instruments ?