Few suggestions for Pulse

I really like consuming news using Pulse. I wanted to suggest a few things

  • Ability to search for news from a specific website

    Currently, if we use the search bar to narrow down the news article to a specific website, it doesn’t work


  • Mark premium content

    Few websites (like Bloomberg Quint) now have a paywall. Is it possible to add some kind of marking to such articles?

    Premium Content

  • Related news article in mobile app

    On the website, I noticed that a few news articles have related/similar stories section under them. But on the mobile app, this isn’t there. Could the related/similar news section also be added to the mobile apps?

  • Releasing the latest data dump

    The historical data dump hasn’t been updated since 30th June 2017. Would it be possible to release the updated data dump?

hey seems like you work for zerodha now. Pulse is like the main app I use in my phone to track the business side of the news. But the ui has been the same old one and the white theme is hurting to the eyes since I’m using dark version for almost all other apps. Is there anyway to introduce just this functionality to the app. Just the dark mode. any other addition is like bonus :slight_smile: