Fibo code for back testing

Is it possible to code this....I require it for back testing.

During first hour most of the stocks/derivatives moves very fast. It falls and and starts moving again. Suppose I set a pre condition like

1) today's first 30 minute lowest low

2) Sell...when advances to Fibonacci Retracement factor of 23.6% or 38.2%

Can I set this as an alert ?

1.  you can select the chart of 10 or 30 min chart and on it you can backtest the lowest low



syntax LLV(periods)

2. Fibonacci  can't be coded in tradescript

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Forgot to ask the second part.
Can I place F&O order (buy or sell) after market closing or at 9.08 a.m next day. And similarly place (sell or buy) order for the same using the fibo factors. Am I sounding too stupid!!