Fibonacci in Kite?


How to get the Fibonacci retracement on Kite ?


1.add the scrip which you want to trade
2. select the chart. in the chart on the left hand top corner you’ll see Select Tool dropbox from that select fibonacci.
3. you’ll get the tool on the chart. click once on the high and drag it to the low… you’ll get fibnocci nos on the chart. :slight_smile:

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Looks like this is missing in the latest Kite upgrade. Could you please let me know ?

Click on the draw icon and you can select Fibonacci under the tools menu.


Wow! Great. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Bhuvanesh, thanks much! it is really illogical Zerodha has kept such a wonderful feature so secretive and hidden, thousands of users will be really missing this…

Yes. Even I was searching for it without success. finally go it. Thanks.

I would like to know how Fibonacci works for Kite. I am aware of how to use the retracements.
Just wanted to know how it works on the Kite platform.


I don’t find fibonacci sequence mobile kite. Plz any known tell me plz

Check This…


I want to customize fibonacci chart. There is only some pre define values in setting but I want to customize with my value. Please let me know how I can?

Please help me… Kindly show me how to draw Fibonacci in zerodha kite app. I found it thanks , but don’t know to use