Fields meaning in CMR


What do the below fields in CMR mean?

Email D/L Flag
Annual Report Flag

And what is the procedure to update details in the CMR?


If it’s marked as “Y”, that means the companies RTA will be able to send the communication directly.
If it’s marked as “N”, that means RTA won’t be able to send any emails to your registered email address directly. (based on this flag, the depository (cdsl/nsdl) they will make RTA to send communication.
Eg: Voting, Annual Report, etc.)

This is to send the annual report. If you had opted for “Physical” then you will receive the annual report in hard copy to their registered postal address
If you had opted for “Email” mode then the annual report will be sent via email to your registered email ID.
If you had opted “Physlca/Email” then you will receive both hard copy and soft copies of the annual report.

You can do it by creating a ticket from your registered email ID.