FII vs DII over time

Source: INDmoney App


Is this available in paid or free version of IndMoney?

Mine is free version. I was looking for such an app where you can see consolidated view of all your investments here and there.

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@nithin may I request you, your team and especially K to download INDmoney app and see how beautifully someone has got every investment together under the hood - EPF, FD, Savings A/c, PPF, MF, Stocks, NPS, Credit card outstanding etc. It’s one app to go to. I started investing in Coin (despite of many shortfalls) only so MF and stocks remain on one platform. But I used to analyze my MF portfolio on Kuvera because of the data and insights they provide. But INDMoney is next level. The kind of alerts, insights, analysis, charts, and data mining INDmoney provides is superb.

E.g. A few days back I read in the news that the rating of PNB and BoB has been upgraded by Morgan Stanley. It was generic news to me. But then I received a notification on INDMoney that Morgan Stanley upgrades ratings of PNB and I have exposure in the stock of PNB in these MFs and how much is the exposure. Wow! just wow!.

Insights like how much your MF portfolio returns are compared to India’s inflation. Mind blowing.

It tracks your FD too and alerts you if the rating of bank deposits changes, etc. so as to avoid any Yes bank / PMC kinda situation.

Every day as per the market movement, how much my portfolio moved up and down which was the contributor, what was the news/reason behind that. Such detailed analysis it provides. How much Debt portion, how much Equity total. Any news about EPF interest rates changes, interest credited such alerts. One-stop platform for overall money matters. One doesn’t need to keep excel sheets and manually feed data every month.

There was a bug that I found in the FD section, I submitted feedback and got a call where the concerned person spoke to me to understand where the exact issue was lying and quickly resolved it. Quick turnaround.

UI of the app is very good. I suggested them to connect eIA and DigiLocker account using API and fetch insurance policies too and so one can determine if the current net worth and insurance are fine or if one needs to hike insurance .etc. such decisions.


Sir, The app fetch very sensitive details like Bank account No. track sms, gmsil, etc. Is it safe, I am afraid of.