Filing ITR 3 for the first time. Need some help!

This is the first year that i would be filing ITR 3 because of trading in f&o. (I was filing ITR 2 till last year)
I want to know if I will still get the same benefits when it comes to capital gains from shares such as grandfathering of gains and carry forward of losses from equity delivery trades. Also, are equity capital gains upto 1 lakh still tax exempt or will it be added to tax slab. Also, will stcg be taxed at 15% or added to tax slab?

@Quicko Can you.

Hey @ron94

Yes, one will get the same benefits, you can claim and carry forward the losses to future years and set off against future profits to reduce the income tax liability.

FY 2018-19 onwards, long term capital gains in excess of INR 1 lakh is taxed at 10% (without indexation)

As, Short term capital gain is a special rate income and hence is taxed at a flat rate of15%

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: