Filing of Rectified Return


Can a rectified return be filed after the ITR has been processed? I want to refile the FY 19-20 ITR.



I think YES.
See this faq screenshot from ITR website

Hey @nyk

Yes. A taxpayer can file a Rectification Return after the ITR has been processed. They can file rectification for a time limit of up to 4 years from the end of the financial year.

Thus, you can file a Rectification u/s 154 of Income Tax Act for FY 2019-20.

Read more about it here

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Thanks for this @Quicko

If I file a rectification request and if it gets processed successfully, it will lead to a tax refund.
Is a refund possible? I read somewhere that a refund is not possible for an already processed ITR.


Hey @nyk

If the Rectification Return gets successfully processed and leads to a tax refund, you will receive the refund even though the earlier ITR is processed.

You can track the refund status here

We need to upload a json file in our Rectification request but i didn’t find any platform which is providing json file output after we fill in all the details. How can I then apply for a rectification request?