Filter stocks based on criteria

There are hell a lot of stocks in NSE and it wont be possible for me to check all the stocks and find whether they meet my conditions before I can enter into trade. So I was wondering Is there any automated way to check for stocks that meet my criteria:

My criteria:

1.ADX14 > ADX30

2.ADX current> ADX prev

3.HIGH > SMA20


is it possible to scan stocks based on the above condition and produce a filtered results using zerodha Pi. Even if its not possible with Pi kindly refer some filtering softwares to do the same.

The above is jus a sample and I have plenty of filtering conditions for various type of trading. So it will be very useful if i can find one filtering software.

Thanks in advance. Experts please come in and share your thoughts. If possible any solutions with snapshots is highly welcomed and appreciated.

Quite possible using Pi, check this -