Fin nifty settlement

dear sir
can u plz tell me how is fin nifty options are settled?

is it same like bank nifty and nifty. cash settled?

plz give an example for the same. .

thank you

Futures and Options of FINNIFTY are cash-settled, just like Nifty and Bank Nifty. Please check out this post for detailed information:

thanks for the reply sir. @ShubhS9
one last question on this. .why there is no movement in ITM in fin nifty. i notice that price are not increasing not much liquidity . only on expiry day its moving very fast.
and where can i get all details related to fin nifty viz, lot size and maximum lot size in a order and itms and otms OI chart.


can u elaborate on the same link

its showing thursday as expiry but when i searched in zerodha it showed me tuesday as expiry for fin nifty.

appreciate ur response.