Finance minister on financial influencers

This is a good statement which gives word of caution and a need to be alert for all the financial influencers.

I agree. What is surprising is the mindset of a person who believes what these influencers say and do and copy it.

I do know few acquaintance who try to copy guys like Saurabh Mukerjea of Marcelleus. I have seen many of his interviews and it is good to hear him talk. But these people, try to copy what he has in his investment portfolio. I consider him as the sales man of Asian Paints, Nestle, Pidilite, HDFC etc, he marketed a chappal company. These people whom I know went and bought it. It seems, he exited this company and these guys were fuming. Never understood why they were fuming as it was his right to buy or sell but did not bother to give them my two cent views.

When I asked why they copy, they gave me the reference of Mohnish Pabrai who copies, Mr.Warren Buffet and not ashamed of it. I truly had to sit down, if not I would have fallen. They bought some company called Rain Industry or factory or something because Mohnish Pabrai had bought it.

When mature people, who are outstanding in their work, highly educated, who comes out with outstanding solution at their work do these things, I do not blame the naive guys who get influenced by these influencers.

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