Financial statements of a company after merger

What happens exactly to a company’s financial statement like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss after they merge? Like recently LTI and Mindtree merged into LTIMindtree, so number of shares of LTI might have increased, but at the same time profits of Mindtree would get added to the merged company now.

How to exactly figure this stuff and backdate the financials to evaluate the merged company now? Is it as simple as adding the assets and liability and the same for profits?

Any good articles around this which explain this stuff in a simple language would be welcome :slight_smile:

Is the balance sheet and profits shown on tickertape of the combined entity?

I have never looked at such financials after a merger has happened, but I think it is not wrong to consider the first quarter results that the company announces after the merger, as all the assets and liabilities will be combined from now on.

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