Financial websites subscription

Are the paid subscriptions of apps like Moneycontrol Pro, ET Prime, BQ Blue etc worth it? Should one consider buying these memberships?

If you are a trader, what do you expect to gain from such websites? Will you be taking positions for months, or for a couple of years investing, or you want to have a long term PF?

I subscribed to MC, did not use it full, I bought it for my investments, don’t know about ET and BQ, so asking.

I have no idea what it is for otherwise I wouldn’t have asked this question. Whenever I login to these sites I get bombarded with ads to buy paid memberships

I currently only pay for sites that cater to my specific use case (wanted a solution, there already exists a site providing those solutions). I wouldn’t buy subscriptions and later hope to learn something useful (plenty of free information available already).

MC has analysis on stocks which is useful, been a while I checked that, don’t know if they provide anything for trading too. No idea about ET or BQ.

I hope you guys are aware of the tool which allows to basically BYPASS the PAYWALL protection of a lot of financial websites -

It doesn’t work on all the names mentioned in the list, but works for most of them.

Regarding the question of whether we should take the paid subscription, I think if it could help us to make money, multiple times of the subscription amount, then we should definitely think about subscribing it.

I think most of them would give a free trial for a few days, so that we can check out the content quality.

I am myself not aware of many other Indian Websites which have such premium subscriptions, other then the one from Deepak Shenoy - Subscribe to Capitalmind Premium

If you guys are aware of any such sites, which have good content worth subscribing, then please do post the names here. Maybe we can even share the subscription cost between us, if that is allowed.

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If you are looking for information you get it free now from a variety of sources. So why pay ?

deepak shenoy…negative remarks from my side

there isn’t any content out there which will help you improve you as a trader

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They are mainly for investing, not for traders, although they have a momentum service.

I had a subscription with them before.


ho gaye kya profitable?

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I did not stay with them for long, so I cannot say.

But they write good articles explaining a lot of things.

not realted to cm, was asking in general

have heard that you started options, I may be little late but how is it going? swaad aa raha hai? do you trade daily?

Profitable kaise? Kis ke baare mein pooch rahe ho? :no_mouth:

Samundar hai, isi liye hoshiyaar rehna chahiye, nahi to poore ke poore paise aankhon ke samne udd jayenge, wo bhi ek din mein :rofl:

Toda toda seekh to raha hoon, lamba safar hai, waqt lagega, kam se kam ek ya do saal, mujhe koi parwa nahi, chalna shuru kiya :man_walking:

ye scheme sahi hai

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Kam umar ho to phas jaata, lekin nahi, isi liye kadam soch ke aur samajh ke rakh raha hoon, kuch nuksaan to hota hi hai, magar poore ke poore account khali nahi hota :grin:

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I took me several accounts blowup…but it was worth it

Iska maza hi kuch aur hai :grin:

Jahan utna maza hota hai, wahan rehta hai jaal :fishing_pole_and_fish:

ab farak nanhi padta, finally maza aa raha hai