Finding the next generation of Multi-baggers

Picking a stock for tomorrow, a year from now, or, for the next 20 years?

I have been spending a lot of time screening stocks, which is the next multibagger, or which company gonna boom? Seriously, finding the right company to invest might be tricky, as there are over 5000 companies listed on the Exchange.

I’ve always made investing with a goal in mind or having a timeframe. I know that SIPs are one way of building wealth over time. But how can you find and ride a 10,000% or higher return stock? finding what’s hot and what’s going to boom in the future is the one thought that has stuck with me.

Identifying and investing in a 100X return stock, in my opinion, is just being aware of what is going on and using common sense to connect the dots.

Everyone has heard of Eicher, Page Industries, and other companies that have delivered enormous returns to investors.

Page Industries Ltd.

Deep down, everyone wants to find a company or business like this. Choosing an industry that hasn’t been noticed yet. This needs a bit of work, tracking what people are consuming more of? Anything revolutionary launch expected, finding the company and then going through the financials.

So, here are a few that I’m researching more into.

Solar & Renewable Energy.

India is an ideal country for solar energy, we get a good amount of sunlight throughout the year. As a country, looking at the initiatives that the government of India is executing. There is a good chance that the businesses will grow. Considering global warming. We must eventually explore ways to generate clean, renewable energy. Solar is a zero-emission, all-green energy source.

Also, I think that adapting to the modern lifestyle will increase the use of electricity. If you see the newer generation will include air conditioning, multiple televisions, and other facilities. People will eventually consider producing their own electricity to offset this usage.

Rooftop Solar is becoming more affordable and saves a significant amount of money over time. Even the government pushing the use of green energy through schemes like solar rooftop yojana.

As a result, companies like Tata Power, Waaree Renewable Technologies Ltd, Sterling, and Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd, among others, may benefit.

If you see Tata Power, we know that Tata is developing an eco-system for EV vehicles, including the installation of public EV charging stations. They are a leading provider of rooftop solar PV installation in the city, solar water pumps for farms. As per the company financials, the demand has picked up post-Covid. the company reports strong demand across residential & Commercial clients.

Take a look at Tata Power’s performance over the last year.

Stock Broking.

As one can see, the number of market participants in India has increased. According to sources, there is a rise in demat account openings. Today’s broking companies are booming, growing at a fast pace. You should have noticed that plenty of new players have entered the broking business.

As a result, I’m sure the depository will have more demat to manage and stand to get more business. Even in exchanges, the more the participation, the more the exchange transaction fee.

Angel One, CDSL, ICICI Securities Ltd, Central Depository Services (India) Ltd, and BSE are a few stocks connecting to broking.

BSE in the last year.

I know we’ve all been inspired by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s stories, so if you think you’ve found the next titan, Eicher, or Asian Paints. Do share the stock with few reports and your views.


Picking the one stock that will shoot up is a pure game of luck. No one knows how a business will be tomorrow. There are lot of variables at play.

Just shining some light on the other side.

EV space looks great but it can die down fast when fuel cell cars hit the market. Nithin Gadhkari ji is already driving a hydrogen powered car. Hydrogen is much more abundant, clean and easy to manage than batteries.

Efficiency of solar panels in market have not changed much over the years and so the area required also has remained same and fairly sizeable. Cheap solar panels are not diode bypassed at cell level. It means one small bird dropping can reduce the panel output to zero. So needs frequent cleaning. Then one needs batteries (which needs to be replaced every 5 yrs or so) as energy is available only when sun is shining. Capital and running cost is not as low as it is often shown in the marketing mateiral. Cost savings are really there only if it is a battery less system with grid connection to ensure availability. So solar energy is at best good as a source of supplementary energy. Also the amount of sunlight incident on a place does change with earth’s tilt which keeps changing every year.

On the broking space I won’t be surprised if some time in future the exchanges decide to obliterate the broker middlemen. With technology it is possible to connect directly to the exchange. So why have some one else in the middle.

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Eicher Motors definitely seems to be promising bet.

When I was younger, I never understood the craze people had for bullet and classic bikes of Royal Enfield. The bike’s sound felt too loud, too much vibrations and lot of engine issues.

But Eicher motors has worked on them over the years and refined the bikes very well. The bikes definitely feel premium now and worthy of the price tag they command. Their focus on making themselves a premium brand will definitely be witnessed in their sales number as well as the stock price valuations.

As all of us are well aware, premium goods and companies are always richly valued. Eicher motors is slowing building products which will one day rival Harley bikes. Thus this is one company I would definitely hold in my portfolio.

Obviously, it is a matter of luck. I mean, no one knows what tomorrow holds for a stock or a business, but everyone should take a chance and attempt things, don’t you think?

My point in starting this thread is to find trending stocks. Let’s say you spotted a good and promising product or business. We can talk about it and explore it more.

Thanks for your input. I’m gonna dig up more on this.

You’d be surprised, nearly 7-8 installed in my neighborhood. It caused me to look at various stocks connected to this.

Yes take risk. I am a big believer in taking risk.

From the part of India I come from there has been lot of thrust by govt for solar power and for two decades or so. For an average user the cost of solar doesn’t really work out in favour unless it is grid connected and is battery less. This is what I was trying to convey.

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Who told you that hydrogen is easier to maintain than batteries?

A battery at the end of its life goes back and pollutes the environment unless we go through the hassle of recycling it. Also batteries take time to charge. Hydrogen pose no such problems. It can be compressed, transported and stored in fuelling stations where vehicles can refill quickly. The by-product after the chemical reaction is only water.

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Check out this video on Hydrogen cars.

Chetan Maini gave India its first Electric car in the 90’s in an era where govt taxed EVs more than ICE vehicles. It then took about two decades for the electric cars to become main stream. Any new technology takes time to mature. The required ecosystem, the political support via subsidies, grants all take time.

The advantage of the Hydrogen car is that it can be refilled quickly. Electric car takes time to charge. If we want faster charging (fast like gasoline filling) then that will need way better batteries and stations with high wattage power delivery both of which are yet to go main stream. In India electricity is mostly produced from thermal power plants and so electricity is not really green. Green Hydrogen has potential. EVs vs HVs would be a battle to watch out for.