Fine imposed on the delivery of shares not on demat account


Hello, If a liquid share is bought today, and sold on tomorrow (BTST). What is the probability for a large-cap and mid-cap share to get imposed 20% fine on securities for selling stock the nextday, not in the Demat account?


@Sai_Maheswaran : BTST can be done in any share even in T group shares with usual market risk as in all such trades. in large cap and mid cap stocks the probability is less than 5% that the share will go for auction .
T group shares if short delivered there is no auction but compulsorily squared off of the deal whereby the buyer will get cash credit.
Any BTST sale carry rare risk that the selling broker (of your purchase) failed to deliver the shares . it is rare risk and i never faced such issue of auction /square off when i did even in t2t group shares