Finger print for order placement

Felt like I haven’t placed an order which I see executed in Kite. Asking anyone around me is futile. No one would accept.

Better option is to have finger print confirmation before order placement is confirmed. Make it optional. 2FA OTP may not be efficient as network can be down or clogged.

Any other measure to prevent such misunderstanding?

Some third party apps are now available in the market that triggers auto trading orders through kite mobile app.

Have you installed any off the market auto trading apps on the phone ?

Maybe because of this.

Yes, you need to ensure your account as much as possible on your own behalf. If you find any suspecious activities then you need to change your password sooner than later. You need to contact your broker as well about it with the necessary proofs having with you.

@portfolioplus911 Can you please tell me what apps are available to connect to kite. I didnt know they existed.

This is one for desktop that supports automatic order placements.

For Android Mobile there are assorted ones on many sites, they are not downloaded from play store, but directly downloaded from the hosted site and installed by disabling the android unknown source security feature.

Do not want to name them due to security risks of order executions without confirmation.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

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