Finvasia BO dialog box

@t7support can you give a screenshot of BO dialog box of finvasia?

Or anyone with finvasia can chip in. Thanks.

I saw some youtube videos regarding BO finvasia. It just shows order type accepts as limit only.

Want to know if they provide market /trigger entries for BO.


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Is there mkt entry option? You selected limit?

Can you expand the box?

I did not select Limit, it is by default in BO.

Seems there is only limit entry to BO.

Damn, but thank you.

Hi @ronin_sha

This from shoonya mobile app.

Hey thanks.

Is that the same dialog box for stocks too?

I guess I ll open one and see. Is there any lag during the 1st 15 mins?

Dhan has been freezing up lately in the open.

Yes today there was a lag at market open with Dhan.

Finvasia thus far is smooth may be because they have less clients relative to infra capacity.

Yes for stocks. Options bracket order is disabled.

Hey thanks. I am signing up now. Will see for myself.