Fire Basket Orders from Sentinel



Can i create a Basket in sentinel and execute the entire basket in Zerodha at market price, without having to trigger any alert?
Please let me know how to do this



You can do this in a slightly hacky way. Create a basket of your preferred stocks with market orders and Set the trigger as Nifty50 > 0

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Is this service in Sentinel chargeable or free? I saw 30 triggers are free, so if our activity is within 30 trades, it will remain free?


the free plan has 30 baskets free. Each basket can have upto 50 scrips in it.

A basket can have a maximum of 50 instruments in it. The number of baskets you are allowed to create depends on your subscription plan.

Sentinel Free - 30 baskets

Sentinel Plus - 100 baskets

Sentinel Pro - 200 baskets

Also, when they say 30 triggers they mean 30 concurrent triggers i.e 30 active triggers at any point. Its not like after 30 alerts are triggered the subscription ends.

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can we create basket orders for Put Options? I am trying to do something for NIFTY10500PE option but can’t see it in basket order page.