First 5 min breakout on streak

Dear sir, i want to backtest a strategy in which supertrend cross below days 1st 5 min candle but i cant input a proper condition in streak so please decode it how can i make stratagy as above …

@Streak Can you.

Hey @Aarav_nvs,

Use the below mentioned condition

TimeFrame: 5 min
Entry: Supertrend(7,3) crosses below Close

Then go to the advanced section and set the Entry Start time as default i.e 9 AM and Entry Stop time as 9:24 AM.

Hope this helps.

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ok thanks, i will try it

Hope you got your strategy done at Streak, just wanted to point out to build the same thing a bit differently in another platform The difference is you would be able to specify the specific candle you wanted to take position in. Select below conditions for long in their create strategy page.

Supertrend [14] [3] [TakeslowerBand] close
And Candle [High] [Today] [1] comparator [Higher than] [low] [Today] [1] [done]
Change period after [today] to point to any specific candle for that day.
Happy trading!!