First 5 mins of Opening : What determines the direction of price?

Hello Fellow Traders,

An increase in buying or an increase in price during the last 10 mins of the previous trading day,

Does this mean the price is likely to go UP during the first 5 mins of the next day opening ?

Sharing you experience on this would be appreciated:

Also not taking into consideration any news or announcements that might happen overnight, what are the other indicators and data to read from the previous days chart to determine the direction of price during the first 5 mins of the next day?


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Previous days last 10 mins price movements will not help you predict the direction of market next day at first 5 min.Since the reason behind the gaps could be news or any annoucements and the orders which are placed during the premarket hours. So best way is, let the market settle for at least 15mins and then analyze the trend.Even indicators also does not help you in the extreme gap up and gap down.

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Hi, Thanks for sharing your view on this.