First and Final Call on TATASTEEL Partly-Paid Shares

Tata Steel has made the first and final call of Rs. 461 per share on partly paid-up equity shares. As result, w.e.f February 17, 2021 the partly paid shares are suspended from trading on the exchanges and you will not be able to see this holdings on Kite. You can check the announcement from the company here.

Payment ₹ 461 per share
Call Payment Period March 1, 2021 to March 15, 2021
Allotment of Shares Within 2 to 3 weeks from last date of payment

What are the modes for payment?

You can make call payment through the following modes:

  • Netbanking ASBA: Through the website of the SCSB’s.
  • Physical ASBA: By submitting a physical application to the Designated Branch of SCSB’s.
  • Cheque / Demand Draft.

You can also make payment through the website of the Registrar and Transfer agent.

What will happen if I don’t make call payment?

The partly paid shares may be forfeited if you fail to pay the call money. The company may also levy interest on the amount you owe. You can learn more in the announcement of the call by the company,


Why the following script got suspended. If we have following script in our holding what will happen to the following scripts

What will happen to those share which are present in our holdings ?

Those shares will be removed from your account. Once the window for call payment closes, you’ll be allotted fully-paid shares of Tata Steel.

When we would expect the our holding money back?

If you were holding partly-paid shares of Tata Steel, you’ll have to make payment against them, once the payment window closes, you’ll be alloted fully-paid shares of Tata Steel.

Has anyone received any communication from Linkintime for the payment of the final call?

is it possible to do investment in Tata Steel partly paid shares… from online banking… i saw the Investment option in my bank account.

The option to make payment is only for shareholders of partly-paid shares. Once the collection of payment is done, these shares are anyways going to be converted to fully-paid shares. If you want to, you can invest in Tata Steel shares which are currently trading on the exchanges.

How do we know that our payment is successful…and is accepted by the tatasteel

You should receive confirmation from the company RTA. If you haven’t, you can write to the RTA at: [email protected]

Is it mandatory to make the payment that TATA Steel has asked for in order to convert PP shares to Fully Paid? If i dont make the payment, is it possible that my Partially Paid shares will be converted to full paid proportionately(something like 3 pp = 1 fp share)?

Moreover, if i had bought pp shares at lets say Rs X. Now i been asked to pay INR 461 per share. So, my cost price will be (X+461) per share. Don’t see much difference between todays TATA Steel fp share price (INR 776.70) and (X+461).
Any comments , please.

Yes, it is mandatory to make payment for partly-paid shares, only after that you’ll receive fully-paid shares of Tata Steel.

If you fail to make the payment, the company may forfeit the partly-paid shares and might also levy interest on payment you owe.

That is because the partly paid shares will be converted to fully-paid. The PP shares have been suspended from trading, in place of those, once the payment collection window is closed you’ll receive fully-paid shares of Tata Steel which are currently trading on exchanges.


Will we be able to see the stock in our holding page on console?

when tatasteel share will be show in our share list after payment

I applied for final call with netbanking ASBA facility but still my money is blocked not deducted. When will my money get deducted from my bank account.

The company has specified, it may take upto 2-3 weeks from last payment date for allotment of shares.

Will likely be deducted once the allotment is done, which can take up to 2-3 weeks from final payment date.

Hi I was not aware of the first and final call of tata steel it was showing in my account to buy as IPO so I have brought some of the shares where my money has been blocked now it showing as my txn got executed and accepted but I was not the part of partly paid shares I have bought for the very first time… What to do now please help

If you’re not holding partly-paid shares of Tata Steel, during allotment the company RTA will likely reject your application and the amount will be refunded back to your account.