First appearance of company's financial result

where does a company post the financial results first? Or is the company obliged to share it with BSE before releasing it in press.

As per Part A of Schedule III of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (Page 80) -

The following shall be events/information, upon occurrence of which listed entity shall make disclosure to stock exchange(s):

A. Events which shall be disclosed without any application of the guidelines for materiality as specified in sub-regulation (4) of regulation (30):

4.Outcome of Meetings of the board of directors: The listed entity shall disclose to the Exchange(s), within 30 minutes of the closure of the meeting, held to consider the following:

a) dividends and/or cash bonuses recommended or declared or the decision to pass any dividend and the date on which dividend shall be paid/dispatched;
b) any cancellation of dividend with reasons thereof;
c) the decision on buyback of securities;
d) the decision with respect to fund raising proposed to be undertaken
e) increase in capital by issue of bonus shares through capitalization including the date on which such bonus shares shall be credited/dispatched;
f) reissue of forfeited shares or securities, or the issue of shares or securities held in reserve for future issue or the creation in any form or manner of new shares or securities or any other rights, privileges or benefits to subscribe to;
g) short particulars of any other alterations of capital, including calls;
h) financial results;
i) decision on voluntary delisting by the listed entity from stock exchange(s).

Also, as per Regulation 30 (referenced in the above text, Page 31) -

(6) The listed entity shall first disclose to stock exchange(s) of all events, as specified in Part A of Schedule III, or information as soon as reasonably possible and not later than twenty four hours from the occurrence of event or information:

Provided that in case the disclosure is made after twenty four hours of occurrence of the event or information, the listed entity shall, along with such disclosures provide explanation for delay:

Provided further that disclosure with respect to events specified in sub-para 4 of Para A of Part A of Schedule III shall be made within thirty minutes of the conclusion of the board meeting.

Currently, SEBI is proposing that the disclosure of financial results should be made within 30 minutes from the conclusion of the discussion on the agenda, rather than the conclusion of the board meeting -