First sell then buy

I had 10 shares of Maruti @ 5100 in my holdings from last 10 days. But today I have sold all 10 at 5110.7
Now the price have fallen down to 5054 and in position tab it has been showing profit of 559.50.
If I buy back the share at 5054 to realise the profit, what will happen to shares.

  1. Will it get credited back in my holdings, if yes, then at what price?
  2. Will I get the profit and all the amount in my bank account, without getting back shares in holdings?

Your trade will be considered as an Intraday trade. The shares that are lying in your demat account will remain intact. You’ll make a profit of 559.50 and after deducting approprirate charges, the money will be credited to your trading ledger.

As I’ve said above, the money will be credited to your trading account from where you’ll have to place a withdrawal request for it to get transferred to your Bank account. Read here

Also, if you’re someone who is just starting off with your trading journey, suggest you read Varsity to learn more on how markets work


Ok thanks