Five days average volume

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I have a very unique requirement. Request someone to help me on this.

For example the daily average volume of Hindalco stock is 25 lakh shares. This is the average for past one year. But for last 5 days the volume of the hindalco share is just 5 lakhs and there is no variation in the stock price… The price is not behaving difference, but the volume is down by 80 to 90 percent which we cannot make out in the price.

How do I find such stocks? Is there any website which provide this information?

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You can refer a screener like this:

The above scan runs for stocks when a drop in volume by 80%, you can change 0.2 to 0.3 for a drop in volume by 70% as so on.

I’m not noticing the volume drop in Hindalco as you’ve mentioned, it had a volume of 75 Lac yesterday (19th July’17)