Fno Trader want to reduce tax obligations


Problem Statement:

My income source is FnO trading and curently I am doing as an individual.
I need audit as per my revenue and have to pay around ~38% tax including cess and surcharge. on my taxable income after calculating as per slabs.

So, I want to start as pvt ltd to save tax as there is 25% cap on tax this financial year onwards.

It will need registering the company, accounting , audit and tax filing.


  1. Anyone using such way to achieve the similar, or any other way?
  2. If yes, please recommend any online service which gonna help here?



There are a lot of threads on this in this forum - both taxation and business aspects. Suggest you to go through them. Search “pvt” or “partnership”

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You can’t incorporate a private limited company for the purpose of trading.
Alternatively you can form a partnership firm and save a small amount of tax.

I have mentioned this in multiple posts. Found something when I searched.


may you please share some doc or link to check out such regulations which disallows opening pvt ltd for pure trading buisness.