Folio number for multiple SIPs of same MF scheme


Had a query about how folio numbers are allotted in Zerodha Coin. Suppose I start two SIPs (one on 10th and other on 15th of every month) for the same MF scheme through my Zerodha Coin account then would I have two separate folio numbers for both these SIPs or will I get just one folio number per scheme irrespective of the number of SIPs I have scheduled for that scheme?



When you start an SIP in a particular Mutual Fund through Coin, a folio number is generated for this transaction by the AMC managing the MF. You will be able to see the folio number in your Coin dashboard under that particular MF.

Any subsequent purchases made in the same Mutual fund(SIP or Lumpsum) will be mapped to the same folio number on Coin. So yes, one folio number per scheme.

@Srinivas is it not possible to get a new folio for the same scheme under coin?

Iā€™m doing goal based investing and need the same fund for 2 goals - but want to keep 2 different folios - kindly help me understand how that can be done here


+1, Is there a way to use a different folio number for the same fund, this would help in tracking for different goals individually? Is it a restriction in having mutual funds in demat format? If this is not possible, what are the other ways for achieving this?


@Bhuvan is it possible to have multiple folios?

@ShubhS9 is it possible to have multiple folios?