Follow many scrips

i want to follow many scrips say around 50 -70 intraday just to ride a breakout in a couple of then … using ztrader its not possible as the limit is 30 … so how can i do that as cheap as possible or maybe for free if possible…like using any real time data or some website which gives live data etc etc…suggest something…thankyou…

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Limit is 30 for a single market watch in zerodha. You can use two market watches and change them frequently and observe. One suggestion.

You can capture the google finance tick info in a google spreadsheet i think, you can have as many as you want. Suggestion two. I need to do more study on this. I have heard of this one, it works.


In google finance portfolio, you can add as many tickers as you want. Its realtime data. (more than 30)

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