Food prices weightage in global CPI data

Considering the buzz around rising food prices, for eg: Tomato prices of late, This is an interesting data-point as to how much rise in food prices impacts CPI.

Source: Sahil kapoor’s tweet

My colleague @Abhinav_Singh_Negi rightly pointed out if this implies that more sophisticated the consumer base (and richer), lesser the weight of food in its consumption basket?

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Interesting to see how grouping is done. 7 countries are marked as “Emerging market” and other 6 as “G20”.
Fact is all 13 countries listed here are part of G20 :slight_smile:

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Yeah we are used to step motherly treatment from world organizations. :pensive:

Unbelievable yet again!

Our CPI print of 4.81% vs 4.25% MoM is not partial to the food prices. I cannot comment on other cities, but the price of vegetables & fruits are pretty high.

Even a middle class salaried person will be pushed to poverty if he continues to purchase groceries as he used to.

I was middle class last month. Now middle class is another milestone for me to climb.