For Primary bank change, a hard copy of change request form along with relevant bank statement/cancelled cheque is required to be provided. Why so?

Why are all these rules binding a primary bank change?

The rules to map an account is the same be it primary or secondary bank account. We are probably among few brokers who allow multiple banks to be mapped. Even though funds can be transferred in from multiple bank accounts, all withdrawal requests are done only to the primary bank account. Which means there is a big risk if someone logs into our clients email ID and send request to change the primary bank. He could then potentially withdraw all funds to this other account. To ensure this doesn’t happen we are extremely strict when a client is changing the primary account.
Also, when changing primary bank account, CDSL (Depository) also mandates us to collect an account modification form. This is important because all dividends for stocks in demat get credited to this bank.


Can I change my secondary account into primary account???or Replace Primary Account with Secondary account??

Hi Abhilash,
Yes! You can change or swap your secondary bank to primary bank. But, for that you need to courier us the hard copy of account modification form which is available at Sign and courier it to zerodha head quarters. Same will updated within 24hours.
PS: We don’t required the bank proof since it is already submitted while linking it as an secondary bank account.

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@nithin I have submitted softcopy of my cancelled cheque to zerodha support on Friday for adding Secondary account but no action is taken yet…
Can I know how much time will it require to complete the process.
In support query they said 4 hours are sufficient to link Secondary account.
Waiting for Reply

Hi Abhilash

This should normally take few minutes of time.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we shall update this on priority basis.

Hi Abhilash

We have added Kotak Mahindra bank as your secondary bank account for your trading account. Please check.

I appreciate your work @rsuresh…
Keep doing…

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Sir, I have account with zerodha. I didnt know my bank wasn’t linked bank list, That’s PMC Bank and now I had open new account in Kotak, what’s next step??

Can i add one more bank account by sending scanned copy of documents online.
If yes please tell process

I have primary & secondary account in Zerodha.
I have to remove my secondary account & keep only primary account.
How can i do that>?

Write to

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I have requested to change my secondary bank account as primary. I have signed and couriered he hard copy of account modification form to Zerodha head quarters.

Now I was informed by Zerodha head quarters staff that I have to send bank proof. which contradicts your statement above.

What will be with my primary bank account linked in mutual fund if i change secondary bank account in to primary bank account ?

For mutual fund the primary bank will be linked and if you had updated secondary bank to primary then the same bank details would be same for MF