For which stock sector should be see the book value and P/B ratio?

For which stock sector should see the book value and P/B ratio?
Book value = Assets - Liabilities and It industry does not have assets so obviously it PB ratio will be high so which sectors should be see book value?

Book value is the accounting value of the company. If today a company is liquidated, the assets are sold and liabilities repaid and net residual value which is for the shareholders.

Investors look at book value to understand what as per the latest financials the worth of the company vs the market value. Hence the difference you could consider it as a premium or a discount.

Hence to answer your query, and in my view, you should check this value on all stocks that you have shortlisted or invested in, just like you check other parameters before investing. I do not think this value is specific for any Industry/Sector.

Disc: My personal view.

There is a subtle difference between book value and liquidation value… as outlined here…