Forex trading experience

Is any body trading forex on international brokers with eurusd etc.if yes which broker.
Plz share your experiences…

Hello @expert ,

That would be illegal in India.

From what I have heard, it is very easy to get money into their systems, but difficult to take money out of them. If you request a withdrawal, I have heard stories of these brokers asking for absurd amounts of documents.

Your bank might create issues if you use a card to fund this account because it violates FEMA. RBI had asked banks to monitor accounts used for cross currency trading (not INR).

So please be careful in this business.

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I can not recommend you a broker by name here. But I want to advise you to choose the best broker as brokers plays a key role in the forex trading. You are totally dependent on him which can be advantageous for you and disadvantagous as well. Thanks!

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Well then which broker is best tell here or dm me