Form 15G - TDS on Dividend

As we know that TDS gets collected for dividend > Rs 5000. I am looking to file Form 15G but find it space-constraint . It almost gives no place to fill the details. Appreciate if someone can please share a sample/filled-out form 15G with details to help in filling-out the same.

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You can either download format of Form 15G, fill it and submit it to the deductor or go the website of the deductor and file Form 15G online. You can download the latest format of Form 15G here - Download Form 15G

You can read about process to file Form 15G here - How to file Form 15G & Form 15H?

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Thanks @Quicko

However I am still stuck with couple of things in the form. I need to submit form 15G by 6th Aug to avoid deduction on my dividend income. Appreciate if you can share some pre-filled 15G sample form (sensitive info such as Pan etc can be greyed out)

Thanks so much

Came across a video which runs through the process of filling the form 15G (the language of the video is in Hindi)

For Mutual funds where do we need to submit the form 15G or 15H?


There are 2 ways of submitting Form 15G/15H:

  • Physical Submission - Download Form 15G/15H, fill up the details,it and submit to the deductor i.e. AMC in case of dividend from mutual funds

  • Online Submission - Go to the deductor i.e. AMC’s website and file Form 15G/15H online. You can get the forms from mutual fund websites and RTAs.

Read more about Form 15G/15H here