Foxtrader with Zerodha?

Is Zerodha planning to bring in Foxtrader anytime soon?

Yes, working on it, will take 3 to 4 weeks more.


Please keep us informed , i am interested to use Fox trader with my Zerodha account

Will anyone tell me what is Foxtrafer?

When zerodha is providing their own software or kite web then why would someone use foxtrader?

Big thing is what is the difference between kite web and fox trader?

? check this link and related ones if you need to know more about foxtrader.

Fox trader is good enough as shown in video but that is not free. It is paid. If zerodha has already good tools then why are they going with them??? I can’t understand this, they should fine tune their own software and try to work eliminate their drawbacks bcoz kite and Pi are good software for both beginners and expert traders but they have some stability issues ??? I don’t find any software easy to use like Kite web for beginners as well as experience users.

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Experienced users need very robust scanners and back testing framework to build and execute strategies, both are not possible either on KITE or PI.

Kite is simply an execution and charting platform. You cannot build strategies. PI is also in “beta” stage or infant stage if you may call it, if we compare it with AmiBroker,MT4 or something. Those who are into advanced trading strategies (aka Experienced Traders) , need an alternative to KITE or PI.


but foxtrader is not alternative to AmiBroker or MT4 . is it???

You are correct, It is not an alternate to advanced trading platforms like AMIBROKER or MT4.

The advantage is, it makes the whole process of auto trading and algorithm trading concept simplified for a retail trader.

With Fox Trader, an average retail trader do not need to mess around with separate data-feeds, terminal plugins, exchange approvals etc etc.

It makes life a lot easier for retail traders in India.


Hi, When will foxtrader be available in zerodha?

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It is more than 12 weeks
When we will get Fox Trader ?

For time-being we have stalled this, as we have noticed lots of refinements are still required to the platform and it is considerably pricey to offer to end users.

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Also, Reliable Software want to collect 500+ per month for the basic version and they have restricted too many features even after paying up 500 per month.

Does not sound fair to retail traders.


Not yet come !!