Free Technical Analysis Software/Website?

Are there any EOD/Real-time technical analysis software available for free?

I have knowledge of the paid ones like eSignal, MetaStock, AmiBroker, Spider etc… wanted to know if there are any altruistic software development firms out there?


You could try ChartNexus free version. It is good for basic technical analysis and works on EOD data.


Check This Out.


You can find the free charting links below^NSEI


If you want a technical analysis software while on move (on Android mobile and tablets), try “Stockchart - indicators system” from Google play. I found this after a lot of search. It is completely free, You will get real time, EOD and upto 3 months data. All important technical indicators are available. Navigating is little confusing in the beginning, but once you familiarize it is superb.

Chart Nexus is a good free software for PCs. But only EOD data available in free version.


Remember technical indicators doest not have the capability to study the chart in a integrated way.

For truely 2D & 3D integrated trading techniques feel free to download 100% free professional intraday trading strategies here :

I tried and loved it!
Would also experiment with "Stockchart - Indicator System"
Thanks for your input guys

Thanks Anwar

What is the reliability of charts data here? More specifically candles

Someone recently pointed me to this free app called “Stock Edge”.

Looks like it has a lot of features, especially for running technical scans. I have just stared using it so can’t vouch for the platform as a whole but I definitely liked the way they show the FII/DII activity on a daily basis.

Checkout the features on its website before installing though…

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